Frog Bushing

Over time, the eyelet in the frog can become worn out and needs to be replaced. After several replacements the threads in the frog that the eyelet screws in to can become worn out as well. This Bausch violin bow has been well loved and used over the years and needs a frog bushing.

One of the exciting things about restoration work is that there may be several approaches with hundreds of variations to bring a bow back to its original function. The following is the process I take on this particular frog.

It appears over the course of time, an oversize eyelet was used to compensate for the enlarging hole. The frog was presented to me with the eyelet fit by bushing the hole with super glue and maybe even glued in.

In order to safely hold the frog in a vise, a set of “jaws” are made from a soft wood to match the contour exactly and can be additionally padded with a thin leather.

A drill bit is selected to match the already oversized hole in the liner, we don’t want to remove any metal in this process.

A tiny dowel of ebony is turned down on the lathe to match diameter of the newly drilled hole.

The hole is then bushed with the ebony dowel and re-drilled to accept a standard shank eyelet.

A new eyelet is fit and adjusted for the bow to function properly.

I also took the opportunity to replace the worn screw(not original) of a non-standard thread with a new, higher quality screw that matched the eyelet.

A properly fit screw and eyelet is so important for the function of the bow in a way that extends the service life of the moving parts and protects the bow from unnecessary wear. This Bausch violin bow in now back to optimal working condition.

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