Handcrafted Bows

The bow is not nearly an after thought, a piece of jewelry, or a mere accessory, but rather an integral part of you and your sound. The bow is a continuation of your arm and hand, an extension of you and your interpretation. It conveys your passion and reveals the sound of your instrument. I handcraft bows utilizing traditional French techniques to work with the pernambuco, removing only the wood that is not meant to be part of the finished bow. Flexing and listening to the wood while working with it gives me clear indications of what must be done to produce excellent response, playability, and tone. I adhere strictly to classic French models, reproducing many characteristics inherent in their model, i.e. the E string hugging and powerful Eugene Sartory or the more acrobatic and fiery Dominique Peccatte.


All materials are personally hand selected from reliable and sustainable sources to ensure that the traditional materials used for bows are around for future generations of bow makers and musicians.

Get involved with the International Pernambuco Conservatory Initiative.

I have also adapted to using TipArmor or metal tip plates and refrain from using any kind of Ivory for recently made bows.

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