Rehair is a regular service of the bow in which the hair is replaced typically twice a year, and recommended more often for serious players. Each bow rehair must follow a meticulous process to preserve the unique characteristics of the bow and sound quality when played. I acquire the finest hair for bows available from a trusted source that I have been working with for over a decade. I obsess over the finest details of hair length, quantity, and tension to produce superb results. The rehair process leaves many delicate parts of the bow exposed and should only be done by a highly skilled and trained professional.

round--clock-icon-86811Time is of the Essence

We know how important it is to have your equipment when you need it. The rehair process should take less then one-hour. Our standard turn around is overnight, but appointments are available should you need your bow same-day, at no additional cost.

img_154713Day at the Spa

Cleaning, French-polishing of the stick, light buffing of all metal parts are all included in the rehair of any bow. Courtesy loaner bows are available by request.


To meet the demands of the working musician, we take appointments all week long, including weekends and weeknights. We are even happy to meet you at your teaching studio, rehearsal, or concert venue.

mail-alt_318-28595Mail Services

If you cannot find a quality Archetier locally, we are happy to offer services by mail. Please contact us to make an appointment and discuss shipping instructions.

students-cap_318-62709On-Site Services

If your studio or institution needs on-site services. We are happy to commute and make a day of it! We visit a number of Music Schools, Universities, and Conservatories to offer on-site same-day rehairs.

warranty-iconSatisfaction Guarantee 

A rehair can be like ordering food at a restaurant. Some people like their steaks medium rare, others well done, and some do not prefer meat at all. Whatever your rehair preferences are, be sure to communicate that to your Archetier. If for any reason you are unhappy with your rehair within the first two weeks, we will gladly offer to do it again at no additional charge.


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