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Would you like to unlock the full potential of your instrument? Whether you are in the market for a new violin, viola, or cello bow or simply need a bow rehair, I want you to discover the full range of tonal possibilities of your instrument and bow. You have poured countless hours into obsessing over every musical detail, your instrument and bow technicians should be no different.


Check out our blog to see how I am consumed with the endless details of making, restoring, and servicing of violin family instruments and bows. New for 2020, we will be featuring guest writers, bow makers, and instrument makers from around the world.

I would love for you to see how my violin, viola, and cello bows can effortlessly give you endless colors and tonal variety. Or how, by just a simple rehair, I can maximize the full potential of your current bow. Contact me now to make an appointment for your PERFECT bow rehair done with our standard next-day service or to demo some of my handcrafted bows!

I want to thank you for visiting AD Bows, LLC, the site for bow maker, Anthony DiMambro. I am partnered with violin maker, Jonathon Price, to offer complete service, sales, and restoration of violin family instruments and bows. Together we are dedicated to providing the most professional, expert, and timely services in Southeast Michigan.

We just completed a book about the unique and specialized tools that bow makers use. This is done in an attempt to break down one of the barriers of entry into bow making. Many specialized tools are not commercially available or are extremely cost prohibitive due to small batch productions. The ability to make one’s own tools is a necessary skill for any bow maker or restorer.

This book is full of detailed plans and procedures on how to make over two dozen different bow making tools and jigs. Each tool is presented in detail with high quality diagrams, dimensions, and procedures. This manual should prove to be a useful resource and great place to start for those bow makers new to tool making.


Handmade Bows

I hand craft a small number of bows each year using traditional French techniques. Do you need more power, how about response, maybe more resonance or ease of play? As a musician and craftsman, I want to create the right bow for your playing needs. These bows are an excellent choice for the advanced student and discerning professional. More information…


Rehair is a regular service of the bow in which the hair is replaced typically twice a year, and recommended more often for serious players. Each bow rehair must follow a meticulous process to preserve the unique characteristics of the bow and sound quality when played. I acquire the finest hair for bows available from a trusted source that I have been working with for over a decade. I obsess over the finest details of hair length, quantity, and tension to produce superb results. The rehair process leaves many delicate parts of the bow exposed and should only be done by a highly skilled and trained professional. More information…

Instruments and Bows for Sale

As I continually develop my inventory, I have a collection of hand-selected items for purchase. Every item is carefully examined for quality of materials, excellence in craftsmanship, and condition before it is selected for my inventory. More information…

Restoration and Repair

Restoration and repair of fine bows have been the main focus of my career as a bow technician for over the past decade. Making bows is something I have gotten into more recently only after studying and understanding what a great bow is and what I want to see in a bow.  There are so many great bow makers, but it is unfortunate there are very few people focused on the restoration of bows. So many nice bows with nice sticks are in disrepair and can play so much better in the hands of a qualified technician. Pernambuco is precious and scarce, and bows should not be thrown out if they can be saved. Most parts of the bow can be repaired or replaced and if done correctly can appear original and have no effect on value. Please take care of your bow! More information…


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Anthony DiMambro has been an active restorer of bows for nearly 16 years and has taken on bow making as of 2015. He spent several years doing bow restoration full time at a major violin shop in the midwest prior to establishing his own workshop in 2018. Anthony is well known for his rehair and restoration services and is quickly gaining recognition for his high quality handmade bows. He has completed courses in bow restoration at the University of New Hampshire with George Rubino and bow making with Gold Medal winner Rodney Mohr.

Anthony’s musical background involves studying viola and guitar as a child. Anthony teaches classical guitar for Suzuki Royal Oak in Madison Heights, Michigan, and has been a teacher there for over 14 years. He also performs regularly for weddings and other private events. Check out the links page to hear some recordings.

Testimonials and Reviews

Andrew Hatfield


Carla Calabrese

I took my son’s bow to Tony to be rehaired before a very important performance. Tony went above and beyond what we asked of him. He didn’t just rehair the bow. He thoroughly cleaned and polished the bow, returning the wood to its original luster and the metal to its original patina. Tony also took the time to explain what he did and why, and he gave us advice on care and handling of the bow. Tony is a true professional. His workmanship is outstanding. He provides a level of personal service that is rare these days.

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