Instruments and Bows for Sale


I carry instruments by violin maker and my colleague, Jonathon Price, who makes phenomenal violins, violas, and cellos. His sophisticated and responsive instruments are played by professional musicians of all genres!

Over the past 15 years I have amassed a network of workshops, dealers, and musicians, affording me the opportunity to acquire just about any instrument or bow. I am continually in the processes of developing my inventory of instruments and have a number of instruments available.


My collection of bows include hand-selected items that are not only great examples of a makers work, but something that I know plays and sounds great too! The selection of materials, camber and graduations, and the condition of the bow are carefully examined and considered when making a selection of any item for my inventory. I have available a  variety of modern and antique bows made locally and from regions around the world.


In addition to instruments and bows, I carry or can acquire most accessories required by working musicians ranging from Rosin, Cases, Shoulder Pads, etc., at reasonable and competitive prices.

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