Making a Button

I recently had a number of people interested in my button making process. This article outlines the basic process I use.

Shopping for a Bow, Part 1

Shopping for a bow deserves as much attention as shopping for an instrument. This article will break down the details of each step and clarify some of the more peculiar aspects of violin family bows.

A Case for the Baroque Bow: A Specialist’s Perspective

One of the merits of living in the 21st century is that there is now a plurality of perspectives that musicians can draw upon when playing works of the 17th and 18th centuries. One only has more to gain in exploring this repertoire with a baroque bow. This is not a matter of right or wrong, but why not?

Practice Mutes

With extended stay-at-home orders, musicians are struggling to practice for fear of disturbing roommates or family members now working from home. I've used several different practice mutes over the years and will be suggesting a few that I think work best depending on your instrument and the sound you are looking for. How Does A …

Violin Bowing Etudes

As a bow maker, I thought it would be nice to share a list of my top 5 studies that primarily focus on developing bow technique.

Pearl Eye Replacement

This beautiful E. Sartory violin bow was in the shop for a pearl eye replacement. When working with a bow of some age, special attention is needed to ensure an original appearance. I go over the process I use for replacing a pearl eye in this article.