Making a Cutter

The following is the process I take to make most of my cutters. Here I describe the making of a cutter to form the nipples on the end of the stick for the button seat on. Also, a little info about available lathes.

Bowmaking Tools

I wanted to highlight some of the eclectic and unique tools that I use for bow making. Making bows combines skills and tools from woodworking, jewelry making, and machining. It is difficult to find tools that accommodate the small scale and level of detail we work to, so a number of tools we make or modify ourselves.

Exciting Times!

This month has been pretty hectic and exciting! My wife and I are celebrating the new addition of our baby boy Lorenzo to our family. Also, my violin bow #4 is officially for sale at Psarianos Violins, Ltd. in Troy, Michigan. I've had a lot of positive feedback from local musicians, professional and non-professionals and …

Violin Bow no. 4

  This 4th violin bow was completed in March. The stick is octagonal pernambuco with ebony and silver mounts, weighing in at 60.1 grams. The head and frog modeling are Sartory, though I deviated from the traditional parisian eye/solid button combination on this frog and went with a large pearl eye. There are many examples of …

Rough’n it

Violin bow no. 4 in progress. Using various planes, we bring the stick down to about 1.5 mm to 2 mm above dimension. The use of various planes are nice in that different parts of the stick work differently in different directions of planing. I like to use the Stanley 9 1/2 to take off most …