Violin bow No.7 and What’s Next

Violin bow no.7

I just completed violin bow no. 7, the stick is round pernambuco with ebony and silver mounts, weighing in at 61 grams.

On this bow and Violin Bow no. 6 I decided to use silver for the tip plates. When executed correctly there is a negligible weight difference between the silver and bone/mammoth ivory tip plates. Ivory being a hot topic right now for musicians and living in the Metro-Detroit area with a number of customers from Ontario, Canada, I decided to use a historically traditional material for the tip plate that will put customers traveling through customs at ease.  There are no endangered species used on these bows or anything that could be mistaken as such.

What’s Next

I am eager to start another batch of bows, and will be working off an E.A. Ouchard template. My templates are made out of aluminum from the actual bow I would like to copy along with measurements and sketches I’ve made. I will also compare them to other photos of bows by the maker and kind of adjust the templates for wear the bows may have had.

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