Exciting Times!

This month has been pretty hectic and exciting! My wife and I are celebrating the new addition of our baby boy Lorenzo to our family.

Also, my violin bow #4 is officially for sale at Psarianos Violins, Ltd. in Troy, Michigan. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from local musicians, professional and non-professionals and feel like this is all around a solid playing bow. As a new maker, I still need to work on aesthetics and modeling more, but for playability and sound I’ve had two different professional musicians say “Wow, this bow does everything” in reference to the various bow techniques. I felt pretty good about that 🙂

Feel free to contact the shop at (248)689-8424 or psarviol@sbcglobal.net to schedule an appointment to try it out.


Obviously my making will slow down for a little bit as my wife and I acclimate to this new source of joy for our family. That said, my plan is to finish the 3 E. Sartory model violin bows that I started with my nice selection of pernambuco by the end of this year. Starting next year I will be starting a batch of Emile A. Ouchard model violin bows. I have been working on bows for over 10 years and had no interest in making what so ever. There are plenty of amazing bow makers, past and present, I really wanted to focus on the preservation of the fine old bows. But it wasn’t until I worked on a particularly nice E.A. Ouchard that I was inspired, motivated, and challenged to be a bow maker. I said to myself “Now this something that I would like to make”, I may never reach it, or get even close, but I’m sure as heck gonna try my best, continue learning, and pushing forward.

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