Welcome to AD Bows, LLC

Would you like to unlock the full potential of your instrument? Whether you are in the market for a new violin, viola, or cello bow or simply need a bow rehair, I want you to discover the full range of tonal possibilities of your instrument and bow. You have poured countless hours into obsessing over every musical detail, your instrument and bow technicians should be no different.


Check out our blog to see how I am consumed with the endless details of making, restoring, and servicing of violin family instruments and bows. New for 2020, we will be featuring guest writers, bow makers, and instrument makers from around the world.

I would love for you to see how my violin, viola, and cello bows can effortlessly give you endless colors and tonal variety. Or how, by just a simple rehair, I can maximize the full potential of your current bow. Contact me now to make an appointment for your PERFECT bow rehair done with our standard next-day service or to demo some of my handcrafted bows!

I want to thank you for visiting AD Bows, LLC, the site for bow maker, Anthony DiMambro. I am partnered with violin maker, Jonathon Price, to offer complete service, sales, and restoration of violin family instruments and bows. Together we are dedicated to providing the most professional, expert, and timely services in Southeast Michigan.