Recording Services

Do you need:photo (2)

  • A high quality recording for your college audition
  • A great sounding demo to promote your quartet
  • How about a live on-site recording of your recital?

In my free time, it probably comes as no surprise that I enjoy working with musicians, especially classical musicians. At my home studio I can offer recordings of solo instruments, or ensembles as small as solo instruments with piano and as large as a quartet. I can also do on-site recordings if you have the perfect piano or an excellent venue at your disposal such as a local church or community concert hall.

There are several great larger studios in the area, including some excellent smaller ones. They should be sought out for larger projects such as a full album or large ensembles. However, I specialize in classical recordings utilizing microphone placement and mixing techniques unique to classical instrumentation to capture the natural sound and full harmonic spectrum of the instruments. Additionally, as an accomplished classical musician, classical concert go-er, and violin family technician, I have an ear for all things classical. Audio processing and mixing has to been done just so, so that all the nuances you have worked hard on do not get minimized. I can help reduce wolf-tones and extraneous sounds such as bow hair noise or loud breaths.

Scheduling and availability is limited and pricing is based on the project. Check out my links page to hear some live studio recordings of flute and guitar, or to check out a video of me playing classical guitar in my studio.

I have a Baldwin studio piano on site for use. You’ll have to provide your own accompanist, I have a list of contacts should you need some referrals.

In case you were wondering what is under the hood, here is a list of some of my equipment:

MOTU A/D Converter


  • MOTU (Mark of the Unicorn)
  • Universal Audio Twin-Finity
  • Presonus


  • AKG Perception 170
  • AKG C414
  • AKG D112
  • AKG C535
  • SHURE KSM 137
  • SHURE SM57
  • SHURE 55SH

Zoom H6 Portable Recorder

I exclusively use Mogami cables