Adopt A Musician

Covid-19 has devastated many musicians financially and emotionally. Concert halls and opera houses are closed, performances cancelled, and private music lessons suspended. Many musicians have been forced to put basic instrument maintenance and care aside.

Make a Pledge

By submitting your contact information on the form below, you’ll be pledging to pay for a rehair for a Michigan based musician.

Who does it help?

We would like to help musicians local to Michigan that use their instruments as part of their career and income including: symphony and opera musicians, private lesson instructors, freelance musicians, orchestra teachers/conductors, and college students majoring in music.

What is a rehair and how much does it cost?

Rehair is a regular service of the bow in which the hair is replaced typically twice a year, and recommended more often for serious players. Each bow rehair must follow a meticulous process to preserve the unique characteristics of the bow and sound quality when played. Our regular fee for a rehair is $70. Learn more about the rehair process.

How does it work?

By submitting your name and email address, you are pledging $70 to pay for a rehair for a musician. Your contact info will populate a private list in the order that it is received and will only be invoiced as the work comes in. We will maintain your contact info on the list for a time up to 6 months, and if not utilized in that time, you will be released from your obligation. This program will run until September 30th, 2021. Please contact us if you have additional questions at

Your Pledge

If there is a musician in particular you want to support, please share their name and contact info in the message box below and/or feel free to share a message with the musician that will benefit from your generosity: